Why Netflix’s Emily in Paris strikes a chord with Francophiles and Wanderlust-fuelled travellers inspite of themselves!

The recent rage on Netflix, the show ‘Emily in Paris’ conjures up a mélange of vibes from a Francophile perspective!

Be it biased, but in my eyes there can never be a more picture-perfect backdrop than Paris and the trending rom-com takes you through the blasé and predictable yet the most iconic and sought-after sights and sounds of the city of magic, love, inspiration, lights and longing!

I have revisited Paris over the last 25 years in many avatars and my endeavour has always been to charter a new course, explore a new neighbourhood, indulge in a new experience and each time I find myself amazed at my new explorations and still falling prey to the "tourist trap" emblematic spots that are so beautifully romanticised through Emily’s bewilderment!

While we stay in confinement, it makes me reminisce some of the most magical memories and rekindles the desire to relive the sense of familiarity and Rediscover the city of my soul! #JeRedécouvrelaFrance

Emily in Paris (External link) keeps the true ‘Parisian's Paris’ a well-kept secret, throwing light only on the better known arrondissements and addresses.

In a similar vein, the ‘Parisiens’ through her Chicago lens are also caricaturish of the American prejudices that strike you prima facie...the snobbery, the scandalous French ‘affaires’, the secret of the silhouette of the seductress being her ‘cloppes’ or cigarettes, the arrogant and concealed world of the luxe and sophistication, or the inexistent three-hour work lunches and fashionably late starts to an ordinary day...

However, as you delve deeper or if you are sufficiently perceptive and discerning, you will also experience the understated and more nuanced revelation of the French art de vivre... be it the ‘convivialité’ of a dinner excluding ‘vulgaire’ shop talk or striking that enviable work-life balance or the fine art that is French gastronomy and œnology, the celebration that is champagne, the sacredness of French fashion and the ingenious creativity à la française or even the solidarity between ‘collègues’ and the open-mindedness of the seemingly obtuse French predilection.

A complete stranger in the “city of snobs”, Emily does land up with a ‘cercle’ of friends in a very short span of time, despite not speaking their language, sometimes lost in translation marked by ‘faux amis’ and through many a faux pas but sharing their love and passion for the good life and French patrimony.

Much as even the French would like, no, infidelity is not a household acclaim and the ménage à trois is a largely cinematic phenomenon like in most cultures, except that the ‘amant’ is a romanticised figure in the French culture as against the scornful hypocrisy of the Anglo-Saxon world. All in all, Emily in Paris unearths the mysteries and myriad misgivings only for those who are astute enough to read between the lines.

One way or another, you will fall in love with France and rediscover your passion for Paris.

And to end on a high note...while it does leave you a tad offended to have to eat your steak the way your chef dishes it out to you, you will land up savouring it and even lapping it up as palatable when it comes at the hands of the palpably charming heartthrob Gabriel- no matter which way you swing!

While you devour the delicious chef in your dreams, I am drooling at the sumptuous memories of my pain au chocolat and sitting in a café located at Saint Germain, watching the world go by!