Where to find the best hot chocolate in Paris?

The chilly weather in Paris calls for indulgent experiences, like savouring a decadent, rich, creamy cup of hot chocolate. It’s the ultimate cold weather treat! Here are 6 of the best places for hot chocolate in Paris.

Un Dimanche à Paris

For a perfect pick-me-up mid-afternoon, walk down a pretty pedestrian-only cobbled passageway near Odéon and the tempting waft of chocolate will pull you right into Un Dimanche à Paris, a chocolate concept store. Housing a patisserie boutique, a restaurant, a chocolate bar, and a tea salon all under one roof, this little gem is a dream come true for chocolate lovers. Their creamy hot chocolate includes a dash of cream and is flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon- the ultimate comfort drink to ward off all winter woes!

Located at Boulevard Saint Germain

Jacques Genin

After a long day of shopping in the Marais district, reserve some time to lounge at Jacques Genin’s modern chocolate boutique. Well known for his caramels and pastries, the self-trained chocolate maestro also serves flavourful hot chocolate that gets its luxurious richness from top-quality chocolate Araguani Valrhona. The butteriness comes from the whole milk, making it smooth but not over-the-top rich. To enhance this experience, the drink comes with a sampling of his delectable chocolates. If you are lucky, he might just serve it to you himself!

Located at Turenne, 3rd arrondissement

Jean-Paul Hévin

Whether you like your chocolat chaud the traditional way or with experimental flavours, then Jean-Paul Hévin’s store is indeed a chocolate ‘Hévin’. Jean-Paul Hévin dares to try novel combinations for the adventurous for whom an old-fashioned hot chocolate just won’t cut it. Try the ‘Aphrodisiac’ with strong notes of ginger and spices. Still more exotic? You have quirky flavours like Chocolat aux huitres (Chocolate with oyster), Chocolat à la carotte (carrot), or Chocolat zen with matcha green tea.

Located at Saint-Honoré and Café Pavane


Besides serving one of the finest hot chocolates in the city, this elegant tea room in Trocadero also boasts a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. The drink is offered in a silver kettle alongside Chantilly cream and sweet biscuits. It’s well-balanced, not too sweet and slightly saltier than other versions. The Carette at Place des Vosges is adored by fashionistas and influencers, so if you’re looking for some people-watching while you sip your hot drink, you’re at the right spot.

Located at Trocadéro and Place des Vosges

Café de Flore

There is nothing more classic than hot chocolate at Café de Flore, the hotspot for intellectual Parisians. This quintessential French café was the place for literary meetings, philosophical debates and artistic daydreams visited by the likes of Apollinaire, Simone de Beavoir and Ernest Hemingway. Their chocolate chaud is a house specialty and is served in a silver teapot. Comparatively less thick than the others, it’s an intensely flavoured drink with no fancy twists and no extra cream- just classic hot chocolate.

Located at Boulevard Saint-Germain


Easily the most talked about spot for hot chocolate in Paris, this renowned Parisian tea-house is always full of tourists, waiting to get their hands on its incredibly thick, rich chocolat chaud à l’ancienne or simply an old-fashioned hot chocolate. Called “L’Africain”, it’s a dessert in itself. It uses three carefully selected kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, and is served with fresh whipped cream on the side for those who would like to further sweeten the drink. Its recipe has been kept secret for more than 100 years. If you want to skip the notoriously long lines, get your Angelina cocoa to-go!

Located at Paris Rivoli, Paris Rive Gauche, Versailles – Pavillon d’Orléans, Musée du Louvre, Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle