Strolling in Paris: 6 open-air exhibitions

In Paris, Art also takes its place along the canals, in parks and gardens, in the streets and squares. Open-air exhibitions under the sun will arouse your curiosity and culture cravings. Follow the guide.

The Ourcq Canal strikes a pose

When the prestigious Studio Harcourt Paris, the one who immortalized with an inimitable black and white style the biggest stars of the 7th art, meets the street art on the banks of the Ourcq canal, in the east of Paris, this gives one the most exciting and unusual urban routes of the summer! 10 kilometers of an exhibition (frescoes, stencils, XXL collages) to be foraging, walking, cycling or cruising, looking up to greet Marion Cotillard, Zinedine Zidane or Monica Bellucci as you have never seen them!

L'Été du Canal (External link)
Until August 26, 2018

Back to origins at the GoodPlanet Foundation

In the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, 10 minutes from the Champs-Elysées, the GoodPlanet Foundation created by photographer and director Yann Arthus Bertrand has been housed since 2017 in the beautiful and bucolic Domaine de Longchamp. A castle and a large park,welcoming from Wednesday to Sunday, visitors concerned with ecology and solidarity but also curious about humanistic and committed exhibitions. Until December 16, 2018, there are 58 large-format prints of the Brazilian Sebastião Salgado that testify, with the Genesis project, the beauty of the world of origins.

"Genesis" exhibition at the GoodPlanet Foundation (External link)
Until September 16, 2018

Enter gigantism at La Villette

Renowned for his monumental sculptures that question and animate the public space, the American Will Ryman sprinkled some of them this summer in the Parc de la Villette. And it's impossible to miss them! Around the Lions Fountain, there are 7 heads of the most beautiful bright yellow who contemplate the walkers from the top of their 7 meters. In the green meadow, a huge black bronze rock evokes the myth of Sisyphus while, facing the Geode of the City of Science and Industry, a labyrinth with multicolored walls as Piet Mondrian reproduce, on a large scale, a game video at the Pac-Man. Beautiful, intelligent and playful at the same time!

At the Pantheon with Simone Veil

After entering the Pantheon on 1 July 2018, Simone Veil, great woman of the French nation, continues to be celebrated on the gates of the monument, one of the most famous of the capital. Her engagements and her struggles for women rights or for Europe are evoked in about twenty panels. In texts and photos, the tribute organized by the National Monuments Center traces the exemplary life of the former minister, from his deportation in 1944 to her election at the French Academy in 2008. Informative and moving.

Grids of the Pantheon (External link)
Until September 17th, 2018

Get fresh air in Bercy Village

With its rows of old cellars, sunny terraces and charming walkways, the Cour Saint-Emilion in the Village of Bercy invites you to wander the summer. Until September 30, art splashes the walls of a welcome wave of freshness with an exhibition called "De l'eau". Exploring the marine theme, five illustrators plunge strollers into their aquatic world, colorful and enjoyable.

Exhibition "De l'eau" (External link)
Until September 30th, 2018

Treasure hunt in the 5th arrondissement

It is around the Pantheon and its adjacent streets, that the urban designer Christian Guémy, aka C215, sowed his works. Open your eyes: on a mailbox, a wall, at the bend of a sign or on the menu-holder of a restaurant, you will cross the faces of 28 of the most famous French personalities.
Voltaire, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Marie Curie or Jean Jaurès ... are lodged at the Pantheon for all eternity, but out for an urban getaway, transfigured by C215's spyays of all colors. A treasure hunt to complete with a visit to the crypt, to go behind the scenes of the creation.

Exhibition "Illustrious! C215 around the Pantheon " (External link) , as part of the cultural season of the Center for National Monuments," On the walls, history (s) of graffiti ".
Until October 8th, 2018