Fashion Week: 24 hours as a fashion hunter

Stylish stylists, mouthwatering muses, left field looks... As Haute Couture Fashion Week gets off to a start, the streets of Paris are playing host to some of the most fabulous impromptu fashion shows. We asked a true Street Style specialist, the photographer Sandra Semburg, for her best tips on being in the right place at the right time.

1 – Start the day without a care in the world, with a stroll along Rue Saint Honoré. Go for coffee at the Costes Hotel or sit on the terrace at the Castiglione, and watch the fashionistas pass by.

2 – Ready to start shooting? You simply have to post a pic from Place Vendôme, especially since the Ritz has reopened. Fortunately, it’s just a stone’s throw away.

3 – Le Grand Palais is a sure-fire hit, as it always hosts the Chanel fashion show. Scope out the queue of black cars to spot the celebs as they arrive.

4 - Another classic: the Jardin des Tuileries, where fashion writers run to and fro to catch the fashion shows. It’s pretty much where the craze for street style was born...

5 – The Opéra is a good idea, too. Stella McCartney often has her show there. From the middle of the square, you’ll see guests arriving from every direction.

6 - Later on, head for Caviar Kaspia on Place de la Madeleine, where fashion writers, bloggers, and other fashionistas go to eat and party.

7- Another round? You’re guaranteed to run into at least one famous face at Café Charlot or Progrès on the Rue de Bretagne.

8- The morning after? Saint- Germain des Prés is still the place to be. Go for breakfast at the Café de Flore; it’s highly likely that you’ll be in the company of a few models.

Pro tips:

  • You need to be fit for a day of street style*! Wear comfortable trainers and be ready to run.
  • I’d recommend for finding out the fashion show schedule.
  • Twitter and Instagram will let you know what’s happening and where it’s happening, as it happens.

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