Easter eggs: the chocolate creations of the Parisian palaces

Chocolate in all its states! Pirate ships, Native American chiefs, hot air balloons and precious eggs—Easter is the ideal time for artisinal pastry chefs to express their creativity! Choco-holics, eat your heart out.

White chocolate at Bristol

To create the 2019 Easter Egg, Julien Alvarez was inspired by the work of ceramic artists who transform earth into magnificent lighting. The pastry chef imagined an openwork egg, which let the light flood through. The material: Jamaican dark chocolate at a 73% intensity, stamped with a white B, the mark of the hotel.

The Bristol Paris (External link)

Airy at the Four Seasons Paris

For the Easter holiday, Chef Maxime Frederic dreamed up a return to childhood at the Four Seasons Paris, sculpting a chocolate hot air balloon that marries taste with ingenuity. Thanks to its mechanism also made from chocolate, the balloon turns on itself with the help of a small crank, revealing the message of the chef: “De l’Amour et du Chocolat” (Love and Chocolate). For this creation, the chef whipped up a special chocolate comprised of beans from Madagascar and Brazil, complemented by fleur de sel and Tahitian vanilla.

Four Seasons Paris (External link)

Pierre Hermé at the Royal Monceau

For the Easter season, the Palace Le Royal Monceau offers many of their unparalleled pastry chef Pierre Hermé's creations, such as the mysterious Oeufs Fragmants (Cracked Eggs) which hide a golden yolk behind their shells. Milk chocolate, salted caramel, or dark chocolate from Belize? The choice is yours!
Some of Hermé's other creations currently available at the palace are his chocolate bunnies and chickens inspired by François Pompon, the 19th century French sculpture. They're confections almost too pretty to eat.

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris (External link)

A diabolo at the Peninsula Paris

At the Peninsula Paris, pastry chef Dominique Costa invites foodies to sample his take on a Diabolo-inspired (a chocolate spread a bit like Nutella) Easter egg, a testimony to the uniqueness of the Palace. The 70% dark chocolate is spiced with Timut peppercorns and a delicate finish of citrus, specially created by Valrhona for The Peninsula Paris. The golden leaves evoke the crystal leaves of the lustrious lobby, and the chopsticks recall the gastronomic Catonese restaurant in the hotel.

The Peninsula Paris (External link)

Pirate ship at the Shangri-La Paris

At the Shangri-La Paris, pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti set sail to create a whimiscal pirate ship for the Easter holidays. His egg Treasure Chest will delight adventurers of all ages—hewn from sweet Caribbean dark chocolate with an almond praline center, dusted with fleur de sel with chunks of almond nougate, it's truly a ship of dreams. The mast, the bow, and the crow's nest: a Jivara chocolate. For the captain's hold and the crocodile, a Valencia praline almond chocolate. And, like any self-respecting pirate, there's a treasure aboard in the form of gold pieces!

Shangri-La Paris (External link)

Jewel at Plaza Athénée

Angelo Musa, world pastry champion and "Best Craftsman in France" winner, alongside Alexandre Dufeu, pastry chef at the Plaza Athénée Hotel, have turned into goldsmiths to make the Palace's 2019 Easter egg. Recalling a Fabergé egg, their creation in milk chocolate with the appearance of a precious box is dressed in red, the color of the Plaza Athénée, and adorned with the seal of the hotel. Equipped with an ingenious hinge system, the eggs hide several chocolate surprises and a huge (edible) ruby.

Hôtel Plaza Athénée (External link)

Native America themes at Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

Through this Easter creation, Jimmy Mornet, the pastry chef of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, wanted to pay tribute to Native Americans by representing a chef from the Hualapai tribe. The character, as colorful as it is tasty, is made up of Manjari dark chocolate, Dulcey chocolate, Jivara milk chocolate for the feathers, and hiding small eggs with Piedmont hazelnut praline. This is another delicacy to taste on Easter Sunday alongside a champagne brunch staged by chef Jean-François Rouquette.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme (External link)

Return to the origins at the Meurice

The famous pastry chef of Le Meurice, Cédric Grolet, has created a trompe-l'oeil Easter egg, his specialty. His "Œuf Croquant" (Cracked Egg) looks like a chicken egg still in its shell. By breaking it, you discover a delicious thick praline, itself covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate. This egg, individually or to share, comes in three sizes and three flavors: peanut, cocoa nib or pistachio.

Le Meurice (External link)

A camellia at the Mandarin Oriental

For Easter 2019, Adrien Bozzol, the pastry chef of the Mandarin Oriental, has carved a camellia flower with clean lines for his Easter egg. This symbol of longevity, fidelity and happiness in the language of flowers, is already omnipresent in this Parisian Palace. Camellias dress its interior garden and gives its name to one of the two restaurants in the hotel. Led by Chef Thierry Marx, the restaurant Le Camélia will also host an Easter brunch on Sunday April 21, while the garden will house the traditional egg hunt and also an educational farm. Welcome back to childhood!

Mandarin Oriental Paris (External link)

Hidden treasure at La Réserve Paris

Adrien Salavert, pastry chef at Le Gabriel restaurant, was inspired by the theatrical red lacquered door of La Réserve Paris to create his 2019 Easter egg. Inside the shell, which opens with a real chocolate key, hides a collection of small eggs in different chocolate flavors. It's a lovely Easter surprise to share!

La Réserve Paris (External link)