Foodie Excursions from Paris

With so manyincredible day trip options to choose from, it can be quite hard deciding whereto go and what to do. Our advice? Follow your noses and palates!

When you arein the culinary capital of the world, the only problem you will have isdeciding what to eat, taste and feast on next.

Here are ourtop three-day trips you can easily embark on when in Paris.

The Champagne Region

No visit toFrance is complete without a visit to the champagne region of Reims (External link) and Epernay (External link) . Home to the likes of Tattinger,Mumm, Pommery, Veuve Cliquot, Moët & Chandon and many more, our tip is be sure youkeep nibbling on food in between and during your tastings.

With so manycellar doors to pick from, it’s best to map out the top three or four brandsyou’d like to visit the most so you stay on track. And while you’re in theregion, you’ll also enjoy the Art Deco buildings, so be sure to look up whilewalking through the town centres or when visiting the churches and restaurants.

Whenplanning, know that Reims (External link) is only 46mins by train from Paris,while Épernay (External link) is 1:22hrs away.


The capitalof Burgundy, Dijon (External link) is one of the most beautiful citiesin France. Its beauty not only lies in the medieval and Renaissance architecture,but for us, it is mostly in the food. One of the world’s most importantculinary hotspots famed for its mustard and dishes like the coq au vin and boeufbourguignon, once here, you may just decide to extend your day trip to a week’sstay! And let’s not forget that surrounding Dijon is endless vineyards.

You shouldknow that Burgundy has the highest Appellations of any French region, and thetraditional Dijonnaise cocktail is the “Kir”, which becomes the oh-so delicious“Kir Royale” when mixed with champagne.

To treatyour tastebuds to some gourmet Dijon (External link) treats, take the train south-east and you’ll be there in 1:35hrs.


Apicture-perfect town that looks like something out of a children’s storybook, Strasbourg (External link) is located close to the German border and in the historicAlsace region. With such a great location, comes the marriage of two distinctflavours, giving rise to popular dishes like the tarte flambée, civet (preserved rabbit marinated in wine sauce) and thebaeckeoffe (a hearty meat and potato casserole).

The Alsaceregion is also known for its wine, specifically its dry Rieslings, and beer, ofwhich notable brands include, Schnapps, Kronenbourg and Fischer so be sure towash your meals down with one of their local drops.

Strasbourg (External link) is 1:46hrs east of Paris. Not onlyis it a fantastic day excursion, it’s also an ideal transit into Germany oreven Switzerland.

For moretravel inspiration and information on France Rail Passes (External link) and tickets, head to (External link) , where you can use our interactive map to help with the trip planning.