How to travel to France without leaving home

Travel comes in many forms, from booking a ticket, to planning your dream trip, to reading about adventures from the comfort of your couch. France usually has to be seen to be believed, but there’s no reason why social distancing means that the attractions we have to offer need to go unseen, unexperienced, and unnoticed. Whether to plan your someday trip or to fantasize about being elsewhere, we’ve rounded up an ever evolving list of the best ways to see France without leaving your home.

Take a virtual tour

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Strasbourg Cathedral, the Lascaux Caves: innumerable monuments, landmarks, museums and castles have virtual reality tours set up. Explore France’s amazing past and present, and figure out which ones you need to see in the future.

Take in a spectacle (show)

From the Opéra Comique to the Opéra de Paris, the Philharmonic to the many theatres dotting every city in France, shows, concerts, and recitals are available to stream directly into your living room.

Read a book about France

Watch a French film (or a film set in France)