Get disconnected with a digital detox

Take a break in France - and a break from your smartphone! To avoid temptation or a relapse, here are five addresses that offer radical or gentle, solutions to disconnect.

Never without your coach: In Auvergne

Here is the master of the genre: we couldn’t review a digital detox plan in France without paying homage to the Vichy Célestins spa hotel. For the past five years they’ve perfected a programme designed to wean you away from your digital tools and help you learn how to turn them off from time to time by the end of your stay. You’ll achieve a state of inner calm with hydromassage baths and plant abstract and mineral mud wraps, as well as support from a psycho-behavioural coach. And of course, smartphones, tablets and computers are to be carefully placed in a safe at the entrance...

Vichy Célestins spa hotel (External link)

Ultra-chic disconnection: In the heart of Paris

Is it actually possible to go off-circuit in the heart of Paris? Well yes, the four-star Westin Paris-Vendôme recently launched a "digital detox" offer. Accept and you’ll find going offline is rewarded with their guide to parks and gardens to explore in the area, a "gourmet kit" designed by their fantastic pastry chef and a plantar reflexology treatment or energizing massage.

Westin Paris-Vendôme (External link)

Digital break in the Médoc region

At the guest house of Chateau La Gravière, 60 kilometres from Bordeaux, they don’t talk of a digital detox but rather a "digital break". You will be accompanied by a coach specialised in helping you to disconnect and you’ll get a "disconnection kit" with everything you need to read and write just as we did pre-internet (including a notebook, pencil and newspaper...). And, if you really miss your smartphone, you can always take your mind off it by enjoying a walk to the nearby beautiful chateaux of the Medoc.

Château La Gravière (External link)

Anti-addiction essential oils in Brittany

You might not be able to resist posting a photo on your Facebook page of this picturesque five-star cottage, hidden in what looks a bit like the Costa Rican countryside – in Brittany! But the owners of Moulin de Beltaine have designed a 3-day digital detox break. Guests are asked to hand over all their devices (yes, all of them) on arrival. But, you’ll really benefit in this exchange with a "digital detox" treatment in which you’ll receive personalized advice on the use of herbs, anti-addiction and anti-stress essential oils to help you feel tranquil and at peace.

Gîte Moulin de Beltaine (External link)

Gentle disconnection in the Dordogne

In the heart of Périgord noir, Domaine de la Fagette near Sarlat, with its charming guest rooms, has created a mild programme for their digital detox offer. You won’t be obliged to abandon your devices, but everything is done to dissuade you from using them! Pilates, yoga, gym ball, swimming and water aerobics are available during your stay. You’ll also benefit from the company of animals, they have friendly donkeys, dogs and cats. Or take a hike in the idyllic countryside of Dordogne. On the menu is an authentic truffle dinner – so delicious you’ll never want to leave.