Visit Lisieux

‘‘Because of its central geographical position, Lisieux is an idealholiday spot for exploring Normandy and the Pays d’Auge".

Sincethe beginning of the 20th century, Lisieux is world famous due toSaint Thérèse, a young Carmelite who died in 1897 at the age of 24, leavingbehind a universal message. Her memoirs, “History of a Soul”, translated intomore than 60 languages, are a hymn in praise of God’s love that shows eachperson the path to saintliness.

In the following years, Thérèse, canonised in 1925, was proclaimed Patron of missionsand Co-Patron of France. In 1997, Pope Jean-Paul II declared her Doctor of theChurch. After the beatification of her parents in October 2008, Louis and ZélieMartin rest in a reliquary in the Basilica’s crypt.

Because of its central geographical position, Lisieux is an ideal holiday spot for exploring Normandyand the Pays d’Auge, with its famous mansions and its gastronomic delights.

Accommodationis available in Lisieux, in hotels or in pilgrim reception centres.

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