Vineyards & Discoveries : Saumur, Val de Loire

The Vignobles & Découvertes label aims to provide quality visits and services on the theme of wine. The label appeals to a customer base that appreciates the world of wine without necessarily being connoisseurs, and offers a range of quality services: accommodation, cultural sites, activities and leisure, cellars to visit, restaurants, exploration of natural spaces, events, etc.

Seven destinations in Loire Valley have been awarded the label : Val de Loire, Amboise (External link) - Val de Loire, Chenonceau (External link) - Vallée du Loir (External link) - Chinon, Bourgueil, Azay (External link) - Saumur, Val de Loire - Vallée du Layon (External link) - Muscadet Loire Océan (External link) .

Destination : Saumur, Val de LoireAlong the Loire châteaux route, Saumur, City of Art and History, is the equestrian capital of France and a Mecca of fine food and wine at the heart of a rich wine-producing region. Châteaux, abbeys, cave dwellers, the River Loire and vineyards neatly sum up the Loire Valley.

To the south-east of Saumur, the wine-growing region forms a triangle, bordered to the north by the left bank of the river, to the west by the course of its tributary the Thouet, and to the east by the forest of Fontevraud.

Saumur, Montsoreau and Le Puy-Notre-Dame mark the boundaries of this triangle, which offers one of the most beautiful panoramas of the region. Beginning at the Loire foothills, two expanses undulate as far as the eye can see: the waters of the river and the vines. This wine-growing region has its stars: Saumur-Champigny with fruit of the forest aromas, sweet wines (Coteaux de Saumur and Coteaux du Layon), and sparkling Saumur brut. Visits to the highly prized cellars are to be enjoyed… to your heart’s content!

The “Saumur, Val de Loire” destination offers a varied selection of 25 cellars, 16 accommodation options, seven restaurants and 11 sites such as the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud and the Château de Saumur.

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