Surf in Biarritz!

Biarritz, a city on the south Atlantic coastline, is considered the European surfing capital.

Since 1957, surfing has been the city’s biggest sport. Its widespread practice has continued to grow in the past 50 years, and today Biarritz (External link) is widely known as Europe’s surfing capital.

Located by the ocean, near the Pyrenees, the city organizes regular meetings like the Biarritz Surf Festival. Looking to learn how to surf? Not a problem! You can choose between ten surfing schools for all ages and all levels and maybe even reach the level of Antoine Delpero, who won the longboard world championship twice.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your swimsuit and see how you stand up against the Atlantic Ocean!

Learn how to surf with Quicksilver

As a partner of the Quicksilver Boardriders Club and member of the AESF(French surfing schools), the Quicksilver Biarritz surf school puts its professional experience to introduce you to the sport and improve your skills. Between internships, seasonal rentals, surf paddles, and surfing camp, Quicksilver Biarrtiz takes care of everything, including children’s transportation. Ride the good wave!