Spotlight On Cannes Côte d'Azur

A premium destination on the French Riviera, Cannes has been under the spotlight for over 40 years for its prowess in hosting and organizing events of world repute across diverse domains including luxury, fashion, communications and cultural initiatives.

The USP Check List:
Easy Access from Nice Airport (25 minutes) and less than 2 hours away from Europe's main cities.
An exhaustive accommodation inventory that includes 130 hotels and 8000 rooms.
An exceptional natural location coupled with a temperate climate all year around, make it an idyllic destination for organizing outdoor incentives
A proven track-record of hosting events powered by professional expertise and stateoftheart infrastructure reinforce Cannes's positioning as a premium destination for meetings and incentives.

A Red Carpet Welcome at the Palais des Festivals
Synonymous with the International Film Festival that it hosts every year, this emblematic edifice finds place of prestige in the heart of the city. Its exceptional location with magnificent vistas allows its visitors to soak in a bit of local culture while enjoying a walk between their hotel and the Palais that overlooks the bay. To meet with contemporary requirements, this iconic structure underwent massive renovations during the last decade and now presents itself as the perfect hosting partner for your glamorous events. Plan an elegant soiree at any of its 3 gala dinner venues that open onto terraces with breathtaking sea views.

Life is More Than A Beach in Cannes:
Organize a thrilling rally on the high seas on boats manned by professional skippers and enjoy an intriguing team-sport based around the discovery of the location of the legendary Man in the Iron Mask. Your aim is to decipher clues and engage in an array of thrilling activities that include kayaking races, sporting challenges et al that that take you the location of this legend: the St Marguerite Island that forms a part of the tranquil Lérins Islands located close to Cannes.

An innovative treasure hunt organized aboard sleek speedboats, with professionals at the helm, has you discovering different facets of Cannes and the region. Each team has its own set of challenges to tackle which make for an enthralling day out at sea!

For spirited experiences, head to the St Honorat Island habited by monks who invite you to discover their unique wine grown on the island. Organize an exclusive wine tasting session on the island and a lunch at its panoramic restaurant that offers fabulous vistas of the Mediterranean.

Engage in a culinary session with talented experts who present Provençal products with passion, flair and comprehensive knowledge on local gastronomy and the importance of the apéritif that forms a major part of local cuisine. Each team then takes part in four culinary workshops and creates their own versions of typical Provencal apéritifs! An official prize ceremony and tasting provide an appetizing end to this delectable incentive!

Revisit the Menton Lemon Festival to appreciate its many flamboyant creations!