Saint-Tropez- What dreams are made of

When in Provence, spend a night in Saint Tropez, a true Provençal village whose history and heritage are
deeply linked to the sea. Accessible from Cannes, Marseille and Nice, the name Saint Tropez immediately
conjures up images of a tiny gourmet-loaded fishing village, with yachts as far as the eye can see.

In the comfort of your car, start your day early by discovering Saint Tropez’s stunning landmarks in a whim- the town remains a favorite spot for celebrities like Deepika Padukone as well as lovers of shopping and gastronomy. While the long, tiny alleys of the old town and the renowned harbor beckon you, Saint-Tropez also has a rich historical and cultural heritage best viewed by visiting the Annonciade Museum, one of the most beautiful painting and sculpture museums, the XVIIth Century Citadel and the House of Butterflies.

Come lunch time, and you have a number of vegetarian and vegan options to savour; Saint Tropez aspires to become the first vegan destination in France. For dinner, savour Michelin-starred cuisine, refuel at a casual café, or retreat to a typical Provençal restaurant for a traditional meal.

Brigitte Bardot alone embodies the symbol of the tropezian feminine fashion, so it’ll be a shame if you don’t indulge in some retail therapy at this international shopping hotspot. Spend your evening shopping for the footwear de rigeur, the chic tropezian sandals, popular around the world and favored by women for their elegant simplicity. It doesn’t end here, of course. There’s also Dior, Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana… it’s a luxury hotspot indeed!

Call it a night at stunning 5 starred and charming hotels, B&B and holiday rentals. Or, opt for a lovely boutique hotel downtown Saint-Tropez, that tells a romantic story of a French army man and his Indian spouse; stories that you will take back home along with the memory of your magnificent stay. Wake up fresh the next morning to continue your journey to another destination. Not without finishing one last stop-the museum of Gendarmerie and Cinema. If you’re someone who loves delving into cinema, this recently opened museum will take you inside the history of film and cinema in Saint Tropez. (External link)