Château Spotting in the Loire Valley

History comes alive in the Loire Valley! Once the powerhouse of French royalty and now home to 22 châteaux that each has a tale to be told, the resplendent UNESCO classified Loire Valley invites you for a royal rendezvous!

Of Feminine Elegance

The très elegant Château de Chenonceau woos you with its picturesque setting; its two gardens with flowers, the Cher river and the avenue of trees that leads you to the Château. This jewel of the Renaissance period shares a very special association with women who have played an important role in its history. Visit it all; its richly furnished rooms, Flemish tapestries and a vast gallery overlooking the Cher

Did You Know: With five arches spanning the Cher, this is the only château in the world which is also a bridge! Stop off for a meal at the Orangerie - a restaurant located on the estate

A Hunting Lodge of Yore

The Château de Chambord - once the hunting lodge of François I - is as impressive as it is grandiose. The château one of the largest in the Loire- lies in the heart of Europe's largest park.
The Domaine de Chambord is surrounded by a 32 kms wall and spans an area of 5440 hectares. This UNESCO Classified monument tempts you to discover its double helix staircase, its panoramic views from the rooftops and its well-furnished rooms.

Did You Know: The Domaine de Chambord is twinned with our very own Udaipur's stately City Palace making for an Indian connect!

Calling All Tintin Fans

The Château de Cheverny is a must-visit for Tintin fans. Legendary Captain Haddock’s (blustering barnacles!) Marlinspike Hall is modeled after the central section of this Château. Discover the Château's vivid heritage through its botanical park, its well preserved rooms and its sprawling gardens and the forest.

Did You Know: A permanent interactive exposition – the secrets of Marlinspike Hall welcomes many Tintin aficionados even today!

While in the Loire Valley..

Indulge in leisurely discoveries of châteaux or a wine tasting or two all aboard a barge!
Hop aboard a bicycle and go about discovering the Loire Valley which is famous for its bicycle trails
Don't leave the Loire without trying some of its famous white wine that include the Sancerre and the Muscadet!