Cruise the canals of Alsace

For those of us dreaming of a holiday that can wash away all the stress: this is the way to do it! Sailing the canals of Alsace.

Imagine being on a boat slowly gliding down the Canals of Alsace in France. Stopping in at little villages to have your dinner in the charming landscapes - and when the eyelids get heavy, you just have to pop down to your cabin, where your bed awaits you. And every day, your bedroom will have a new view - and you get to decide which one it should be. This is the perfect way to relax your mind - and even though it might seems like a big job to manage a boat, it's something anyone can do!

Discover Alsace, its nature, culture and history when sailing 100 kilometers on the Marne Canal and the Rhône-Rhine Canal from Hesse to the plains of the Grand Ried at the feet of the Vosges in your own boat.

5 great experinces on the trip :

  • Stop in Strasbourg. Go from modernity to tradition with the architecture of the buildings of the European capital. Discover La Grande Île, which is part of the World Heritage of Unesco, the Notre Dame cathedral, the district of La Petite France or the seat of the European Parliament - all easily reached on a bicycle.
  • Get an unusual experience. The village of Saint-Louis-Arzviller has a special elevator for boats - the only one of its kind in Europe. Leave your boat to visit the small town nearby to learn more about this incredible machine.
  • Discover the alsatian flavors. Hochfelden invites you to discover its ancestral brewery at the Meteor museum, which reveals its trade secrets that dates back to 870 after Jesus Christ! And don't forget to taste a tarte flambée or a delicious Baeckeoffe in a traditional tavern.
  • Have fun with your family in the amusement park Europa Park. Take a stopover in Boofzheim, a typical Alsatian village, to reach the other side of the bank, where you will find one of the most popular amusement parks in Germany with its roller coasters and animal shows. Great for family fun.
  • Happiness is on the water! On the 8 kilometer long plan d'eau de Plobsheim, perch, shrimp and other shellfish coexist in the ecosystem for the pleasure of fishermen and boaters. Take your boat to the plains of the île de Rhin and go cycling.