The Bordeaux Wine Festival

While there is so much more to the city of Bordeaux, wine forms an integral part of its economy and heritage, thus a visit to Bordeaux during the Fête du Vin or Wine Festival is not to be missed!

The Bordeaux Wine Festival will take place from the 14 to 17th June and is a festival that is ear-marked in every wine aficionado’s calendar. Why, you ask? Well, apart from the carefully selected wine tastings that take place during the day (that last until midnight!) and opportunities to meet the producers of one’s favourite wine, the Fête du Vin is equally a gourmet experience and reflects Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s rich culinary traditions and specialties.

Along the Bordeaux riverfront, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The theme of its 20th anniversary is sailing. The guest of honour will be the prestigious Tall Ships Regatta. The objectives of this race is to promote traditional sailing with youth around the world, encouraging them to sail together and uniting them with the love of the sea and marine spirit. The Tall Ships Regatta brings together the largest yachts in the world, but also smaller sailboats.

Wine tastings and workshops at the School of Wine (École du Vin), that enable you to understand the diversity of Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine wines. To be part of these activities, all you need is an indispensable Tasting Pass. Get yours here- [ (External link)

Pop-up wine bars will be set up along a 3 km “open-air wine road” to discover a host of different wines while interacting with winemakers and négociants.

Take a tour of the tall ships for a voyage on the high seas by the day (or set sail in one of the old ships) and party on an open deck with a glass of Bordeaux for an impeccable view of the breathtaking fireworks display over the Garonne River by night. For groovy evenings, there are marching bands, choirs and rock bands slated to perform on stage. We’re eagerly awaiting Rajasthan’s finest musicians, the Jaipur Maharaja Brass band, who are gearing up to blow their brass and beat their drums at the festival, making it a colourful and joyful affair indeed!

Everything from local producers, trendy food trucks, bodegas, craft ice-creams and sorbets, juice bars and the regional favourite -Abatilles Grand Cru water to keep you hydrated!

So brush up on your sommelier lingo and pack your bags to head to one of the world’s greatest wine gatherings.

So brush up on your sommelier lingo and pack your bags to head to one of the world’s greatest wine gatherings.