Corsica: Calvi on the Rocks

Founded in 2003, Calvi on the Rocks is now one of France's most popular and constantly-evolving festivals. Return to its fascinating history - one that certainly isn't over yet.

Imagined as a way to encourage cultural events and festivals in the city of Calvi, the festival takes place each year at the start of July in High Corsica. Its original format keeps both lovers of good music and the Isle of Beauty coming back every summer.

On the Waterfront

During the day, concerts take place on the beach. Once night falls, the performances move to the Théâtre de Verdure and to the Citadel for live shows and DJ sets.

The entire city takes part, with restaurants, bars, and clubs offering a multitude of events with the Calvi on the Rocks theme.

The festival is stretched across six nights, testing the endurance of even the most tenacious dancers.

One of the biggest arguments to attend is its idyllic setting and its "tropical" climate - is there any better way to spend your summer night than on a sandy beach, listening to good music and enjoying a plate of French charcuterie and cheese?

A Festival with a Human Touch

Each year, the festival gives star billing to the international and French electro music scene, but it always has a number of tricks under its sleeves, like the singer Christophe, the rock group Phoenix, or its LCD soundsystem.

Calvi on the Rocks is a trendy festival where tourists can rub shoulders with Corsican locals, from teenagers to families in a great ambiance. =


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