A Revolutionary Champagne Glass Like No Other!

Everybody knows that the type of glass in which you choose to pour your wine immensely shapes your tasting experience. What if we told you that there was a revolutionary glass that lets you realise the true potential of the wine you’re drinking? The Jamesse Prestige Champagne glass does just that!

"The Jamesse Prestige glasses allow you to notice the generosity and the wide range of scents / flavours that champagne has," says Philippe Jamesse, the head Sommelier at the Domaine les Crayères in Reims, Champagne.

Launched ten years ago, the collection was developed in conjunction with Philippe Jamesse and Lehmann Glass- the glassware company. To enhance the effervescence of champagne, the glasses were shaped in a way that they narrow slowly and have a pronounced pointed base. There are 4 major shapes: Grand Champagne, Synergie, Grand Blanc and Grand Rouge.

While it is easy (and more fun), to sip champagne and not worry about the glass in which you’re drinking it from, it’s worth knowing whether opting for a Jamesse Prestige glass really makes much of a difference. According to Jamesse, what makes these glasses unique is their spherical width; it provides a richer, more accurate reading and helps to perceive all the subtleties of this complex wine over a longer period.

Champagne has a variety of profiles and an infinite range of tastes, colours and ageing, and it’s essential to reveal all these different nuances. So the next time you pop a cork, make sure you have a Jamesse Prestige Champagne glass right beside you, to ensure maximum drinking pleasure.

Reims, Champagne