8 ways to spend a Basque night

What goes on after sunset on the Basque coast? When the surfers have brought in their boards and the golfers put their clubs away, every night in the Basque country has its own charm... which will seduce you?

A night at low tide

The tides in Biarritz are spectacular. At low tide, all of the city’s beaches join together in an expanse of sand stretching as far as the eye can see. When the moon is out, it’s definitely worth staying up for a stroll.

A night in a cabin

If you feel an affinity with Robinson Crusoe, you’ll be delighted with the various treetop cabins found throughout the Basque Country. Sun loungers, jacuzzis, breakfast in bed... and all in the company of the birds and squirrels.

70s night


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Park your favourite hippie van at the top of Biarritz’s “100 steps”. Early in the morning, you will wake up alongside all of the surfers who had the same idea, looking out onto the waves of the Basque Coast, which are some of the best in the region.

Casino night

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Leave the laid-back surf lifestyle behind for now, and treat yourself to a night filled with glamour and poor decision at the Barrière Casino Biarritz.

A night on the clifftop

Look west! The Basque coast offers some memorable sunsets. In Guéthary, savour every second on the beautiful terrace at Hétéroclito, a restaurant carved into the cliff itself.

A night with the silver screen

Come summer, any village square or garden could be transformed into an open-air cinema. In Anglet, for example, films are screened weekly in the wonderfully named Jardin de la grotte de la chambre d’amour (in English: Love Nest Grotto Garden).

A night in red and white

A two-tone outfit, an ecstatic atmosphere, and an easy-going vibe... Every summer, the Fêtes de Bayonne fill their guests with outlandish memories.

A rainy night

Around the 15 August every year, shooting stars rain down from the skies. Snuggle up on a beach with the one you love, and away from the bright city lights you can make 100 wishes an hour.