Paris has multiple personalities that it showcases with élan. You've got your classical Paris that lures you visits to iconic monuments, a dinner cruise on the Seine and the like. On the other hand, you've got the offbeat Paris that invited you for unique discoveries and a bit of the local to your agenda and reinvents the classical discovery of Paris. 


Yes, you've gone to the Eiffel Tower, but how about a behind the scenes tour of the Eiffel? You've enjoyed your soirées at the Buddha Bar, Curio Parlour and the other quintessential watering holes, but did you know that on busy Saturday nights, the locals live it up in the Marais or the Strasbourg St Denis neighbourhoods? 


For the explorers and doers of the different, here's presenting the other multiple personalities of Paris through a selection of authentic and appealing "Made in Paris" experiences. 


Happy Discoveries!