Euro 2016, go into extra time with the greeters France

Published on July 01, 2016
  • Banner EURO 2016

    Banner EURO 2016

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  • stroll on the hill in Marseille

    stroll on the hill in Marseille

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  • meander in Chinon

    meander in Chinon

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Euro 2016, go into extra time with the greeters France

For the EURO 2016, from 10th June until 10th July 2016, the greeters get together to make local rime with football!

At the host cities where the Euro championship matches will take place, some inhabitants are volunteering to welcome and meet you. It’s a friendly adventure intended for football fans and their friends and family who want to go into extra time by discovering France with a greeter, mingling with locals and experiencing their lifestyle and their city.


From Lille to Marseille and from Bordeaux to Lyon, meet Philippe, Jean-Pierre, Max, Norya, Guy, Nicole, Monika and the others – over 600 greeters, who are friendly and passionate about their neighbourhoods. They’re ready to reveal the secrets of their cities.


The ‘stroll’-meetings – literally taking a stroll with a greeter - will be devoted to sharing with you the warmth of the Euro-host-city you’re in.


All over France, numerous cities and regions rely on greeters’ organisations to welcome you.


The International Participative Greeters Movement - created in the 90s in New York – gathers volunteers who love their city and their region. France became the leading destination for greeters worldwide, closely followed by Germany. The game has just begun!


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