An Epicurean Getaway in Midi-Pyrenees

An Epicurean Getaway in Midi-Pyrenees

A River Runs Through It!    

This lovingly restored old mill is a true haven of peace and quiet just a few minutes from medieval Conques. The River Dourdou, tributary of the Lot, flows gently alongside. The terrace is tucked away among the trees, providing an ideal spot to unwind over lunch or a drink. The atmosphere of pampering and wellbeing extends to the rooms too, where old furniture tastefully complements the cheerfully papered walls. Monsieur and Madame Busset's warm welcome is just another way of making you feel totally at home.

Peace and Quiet Gates of Albi    

The Queen of England and the Emperor of Japan have stayed in this spot on the banks of the Tarn, where you can appreciate the peace and quiet of the magnificent wooded park. The interior design shows refinement on all the floors. The rooms, with their "art deco" "belle époque" "African" and other styles, are all very tastefully decorated. Each room gives onto a small terrace where you can have a delicious breakfast, looking out onto the greenery.

A Magnificient Wisteria has Taken Root    

Cordes sur Ciel is the jewel in the crown of Gothic architecture and one of the most beautiful medieval bastide towns in southern France. Step into the hotel, and you step back in time. Traditions matter here. The warm and affluent décor takes you back to medieval times. Some rooms open on to the patio where a two-century old wisteria intertwines with the old stone; others give on to one of Cordes' oldest cobbled streets which bustles with life. The garden-cum-terrace abuts the ramparts with magnificent views over the Cérou Valley.

Exploring the "Pink City"    

A lively, university city, Toulouse is one of the loveliest cities of France, and certainly the most beautiful in the south west. Not only is it the capital of the vast Midi-Pyrénées region, but it is the former capital too of what was once the kingdom of Occitanie (Languedoc). It is a splendid marriage of old and new at the forefront of aeronautics, yet with the most exquisite collection of historic buildings and cultural centres, and, as its heart, an intricate network of narrow, atmospheric little streets. Toulouse lives by night as much as by day-theatre and opera, flamenco, tango, jazz...The ever warm and welcoming people of Toulouse certainly know how to live. Toulouse personifies the lifestyle of the south and its 'joie de vivre'.

The Wine Discovery Trail    
This is a major wine producing region, with some true nuggets for connoisseurs to taste. Full-bodied or light, tannic or fruity, the wines and spirits of Midi-Pyrénées are as varied as the areas where they are made. Aperitifs include Hypocras from the Ariège, Pousse-Rapière and Floc de Gascogne from the Gers. The most prestigious AOC wines of the region include Cahors, Gaillac, Fronton, Madiran, Pacherenc du Vic Bilh and Marcillac, while the slightly less prestigious but still wonderful VDQS wines include Côtes de St-Mont, Côtes de Brulhois, Entraygues and Fel, without counting all of the very individual Vins de Pays, and of course Armagnac, the oldest brandy in France. A world of tastes to share!  
La Ferme du Malpassadou    
Blueberry, raspberry and blackberry farm. Jams, jellies, fruit juices, dried blueberries, blueberry chocolate, almond and blueberry nougat, and dried-blueberry cookies. Products on sale at the farm. Picking of blueberries, raspberries and other little red berries !  
Les Ruchers de la Montagne Noire    
Journey to the center of the hive...To discover the fascinating world of bees and learn the history of a drop of honey, guided tour by the beekeeper, tasting bee products and equipment suitable for the reception of visitors. Observation hive, slideshow, honey.  
The Historical Festival of Cocagne April 2013  
An event in celebration of woad, the plant used for dyeing, whose blue pigment brought wealth to the Toulouse area in the 16th century, transforming it into the “pays de cocagne” or land of plenty. Since 1972, Saint-Félix-Lauragais has paid homage to woad in a grand medieval festival alternating horse shows, historical parades, traditional “mât de cocagne” (maypole) games, old-fashioned games and roundabouts with wooden horses, a gourmet market, etc, for a fun-packed Easter weekend.  
Local Bistro The Spirit of the Village Café  
Run by owners who see themselves as true ambassadors for their region, these local bistros will serve you everything from a snack to a full meal prepared from regional products, along with many useful tips for exploring the surrounding area.