Tips for rental accommodation in France

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Tips for rental accommodation in France

All over France you will find many rental possibilities, ranging from home to apartment, cottage, bungalow or luxurious villa, which will give you the opportunity, in low as well as high season, to enjoy the many charms of the French regions.

But finding THE perfect rental during a stay in France can be a real hassle for your customers. It is however, often the key to a successful holiday.

Here are some tips to help you out.

A few tips

The most important is of course to define the expectations of your clients: families, seniors, young couples, youth groups… Priorities differ!

  • The geographical location

If some people like to wake-up by dipping their toes in water, others will prefer the bustling streets of the city center or the calm and quiet of the countryside. Do not hesitate to ask for the rental’s postal address and to use a geolocation tool like Google Maps, which will indicate the closest transports, or will give you the opportunity to view the surroundings.

  • The rental’s state

Pictures can be misleading! Do not hesitate to request some additional ones and to confirm some of the structure’s (like the swimming pool) opening and installation dates.

To protect yourself as much as possible, ask for an overview of the place: this will allow your client to be greeted on site upon arrival.

  • The services

The arrival and departure times, equipment (sheets, towels, kitchen towels, etc.), internet connection, housekeeping policy are many details to work out and toinform your clients about so that everything can go well: following 8 hours of plane ride, arriving in a location in the evening and realize that there are no sheets is anything but pleasant !

Some rentals allow pets but it is often stated otherwise. You can ask the prior agreement of the owner. If he agrees, a written agreement is required and must be attached to the lease.

Charges and the local tax must also be stipulated in the lease. Any fee must be justified in an invoice.

  • The reliability of the rental company

Do not hesitate to call the rental’s given phone number to ask all of your questions, this will also allow you to see the company’s responsiveness in case a problem occurs once your clients are on site. You should mostly ask for a lease as well as explanations regarding the reimbursement of the rental deposit. The lease will allow you to protect your clients in case of a disagreement, if the lease does not correspond in any way to the description (which will of course, be in the contract), etc.

  • Internet users’ reviews

Although these types of forums are reaching their limit (customers using blackmail to get a discount on the stay), they remain an important source of information. It is obviously important to take a step back and to have already defined your client’s expectations.

Also note that an accommodation will not be graded the same way by a couple as it will be by a family. Make sure to verify the author’s profile.

  • The insurances

Your clients must have a minimum of insurance liability but it is better for them to contact their insurer so he can guarantee them the terms of their insurance.

The vast majority of companies offer cancellation insurances, but you must however be careful in reading the conditions: you might need so many credentials that the cancellation will become a real hassle!

All of these tips will give your clients the opportunity to enjoy their stay in France and cherish beautiful memories.