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In the South of France, between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, sits a region of light and
vibrant color. Just three hours by TGV from Paris, the sky here is azure and
the sun shines.

From the Calanques of Marseille to the port of Saint-Tropez,  the
Mediterranean will gently rock you in its sapphire waters. The Ecrins National Park,
the Queyras Natural Regional Park, reveal a maze of paths
and tracks ideal for hiking and walking with your family. Head for the Gorges du Verdon or
the waters of Durance for
canoeing, rafting and other white-water sports. In wintertime, the ski resorts
of the Alps in the High Provence area offer all kinds of snow sports, from
snowboarding to luge, to skiing, snow kiting and snowshoeing.


In the shadow of the Palais des Papes,
discover Avignon. In Marseille, the Basilica
of Notre-Dame-de-la Garde
over your visit. From the Roman Arena in Arles to
the Vauban City in Briançon, to the château des Baux in Provence, kids are going to enjoy
exploring the history of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region .

As for the cuisine, the contrast is striking between the hearty
mountain dishes (including gratins
raviolesrissoles, and creuzets d’Ecrins) and the light, perfumed dishes of Provençal
and Mediterranean cuisine (ratatouilleaiolipestobouillabaisse, bourride).   

The OK Corral park,
the Borély
, the Oceanography
Museum of Monaco
outside the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region, and the Ornithological
Park of Pont-de-Gau
 will thrill young and old alike.

A stay in
Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur is an opportunity to soak up the atmosphere between
the sea, hills, and mountains, to discover breathtakingly beautiful natural
sites, and remarkable towns and monuments.

to the charm of this region, which has so many marvels to share with you.


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