Be There! Do That!... What's it all about?

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  • Paris Plage

    Paris Plage

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    Saint Tropez

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  • Chenonceau Castle

    Chenonceau Castle

  • Limestone cliffs at Etretat

    Limestone cliffs at Etretat

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    Nice Carnival

  • Swimming with dolphins in Tahiti

    Swimming with dolphins in Tahiti

  • Villas on the water in Tahiti

    Villas on the water in Tahiti

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Be There! Do That!... What's it all about?

Most of us have seen Paris and its glorious monuments. Be There! Do That! tempts you to be a part of Paris Plage - a time of festivity in the summer months when the city dons a new attire and you can see part of Paris transformed into a beach. Enjoy a sunny almost close to perfect beach holiday in the city!

The Loire Valley is associated with chateaux and vineyards. How about taking to the skies and indulging in some hot air ballooning? Experience the thrill of gliding past vineyards, royal and magnificent chateaux with the sky as the limit. 

Bordeaux is known for its wines, but did you know that the grape has many more beneficial uses and is also used in wellness cures? Soothe your mind, body and soul with Vinotherapy treatments that include the use of grapes and grapevines available at Les Sources de Caudalie, an exclusive spa retreat just 20 kms away from Bordeaux. 

The list of such experiences is endless. There are tons of such unimaginable activities that are possible in France...
Want to try a cooking class in Provence, we have it! 
Want a meal with the French in their homes, we have it! 
Want to see lions and bears in the wilderness outside Paris, yes it's possible! 
Want a rafting experience at the foot of the Alps, why not? 
A romantic dinner for two in a wine cellar, oui bien sur!

With so much in store and so many experiences to savour in France, all that is required is for you to "Be There! Do That!"