The Valentine's Day Marathon in Paris

February 15, 2014
  • © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Amélie Dupont

  • © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : David Lefranc

The Valentine's Day Marathon in Paris 75000 Paris fr

The annual Valentine's Day race, organized by Front Runners of Paris is back again. Come and join in with your partner or a friend; it could even be the perfect first date! The only one of its kind in the French capital, it’s your chance to put your love and endurance to the test! 
Either as a pair or individually, couples and friends will run a 2km loop through the park. Individual runners will have a tougher challenge of a 10km race with a 5 minute head-start, whilst couples will follow later and complete a 6km run.

The « Opération Cupidon » (Operation Cupid) is also back. It allows solo participants who haven't yet found their soulmate to find themselves a partner and run the 6km as a pair. Who knows, it could be the beginning of something magical!

With a mere hundred or so participants taking part in the first marathon, this year’s Valentine’s race will see over 800 enthusiasts!

The Valentine’s Day race has been approved by the Comité Départemental des Courses Hors Stade de Paris and is part of the Paris Running Tour organized by TopChrono, which will monitor race timings.



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