Lemon Festival (Fête du Citron®) in Menton

From February 13, 2016 to March 02, 2016
  • Fête du Citron® in Menton 2016

    Fête du Citron® in Menton 2016

  • Fête du Citron® in Menton

    Fête du Citron® in Menton

    © Office de tourisme Menton

  • Fête du Citron® in Menton

    Fête du Citron® in Menton

    © Office de tourisme Menton

Lemon Festival (Fête du Citron®) in Menton Avenue Boyer 06500 Menton fr

In 2016, the Fête du Citron® will focus on a celebration of Cinecittà.

The theme of Menton’s 83rd Lemon Festival, the leading event in the Menton region (13 February to 2 March 2016), has just been announced.

After three years dedicated to Jules Verne, from Around the World in 80 Days to the Tribulations of a Lemon in China and 20,000 leagues under the Sea, the festival has now closed the door on the world of fiction. However, the festival continues to highlight the extraordinary with its choice of Cinecittà as its theme for 2016.

Spotlight on the dolce vita

From 13 February to 2 March 2016, explore the monuments, motifs and images of Italian cinema through unforgettable images created from oranges and lemons.

This “Italian journey” will start on the eve of Valentine’s Day in the Jardins Biovès and will continue throughout the festival, offering a varied look at the masterpieces of Italian cinema. The citrus fruit creations will be inspired by films such as Amarcord, comedies, epic classics such as Cleopatra, and spaghetti westerns.

Come nightfall, the same venues will take on a magical appearance as part of the Jardins de Lumières (8.30pm on 16, 19, 23 and 26 February), with audiences plunged into the intimate and hushed atmosphere of a typical local cinema. The different citrus decorations will come to life, thanks to the performance of actors, lighting effects, and background music by Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota, to create a magical moonlit experience.

However, the highlight of the Fête du Citron® is without a doubt its citrus fruit parades which take place at 2.30pm on 14, 21 and 28 February.

Spectators will be eager to watch this magical spectacle of brass bands and acrobats, who wend their way between the floats of citrus fruit. Tribute is paid to clowns and to Fellini’s “La Strada” as part of these delightful parades, which will take place at 8.30pm on Thursday 18 and Thursday 25 February, followed by a firework display.


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