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  • On the Food and Wine Trail in Burgundy and Provence
    Highlights from a 10 day tour:    Day 1: Dijon, a rainy September morning. It's a new twist to the phrase eating your words. The rain had washed away our reservation so we are at the
  • Deauville, the Kingdom of Horses
    Deauville: beaches stretching on as far as the eye can see, an unforgettable walk on the Planches, its famous American Film Festival, and famous establishments...
  • A Provencal Family Holiday
    YOU know you are in Provence when lavender fields stretch as far as the eye can see outside your train window. It’s not just lavender that awaits you here... you have a rendezvous with cosmopolitan
  • Rendez-vous in Picardy
    This is tourism with a human face, a relationship based on complicity, the sense that things are tailored for your particular requirements - "just for you" -...
  • Alpes Mont-Blanc: Mountains and More
    The train beckons for an encounter with the mountains. Picturesque Alpes Mont-Blanc provides you many inspirations to come visit. While Lyon tempts you with its gastronomy, Annecy lures you with
  • Biarritz - Destination Golf
    Recognised as an outstanding international golf destination and ideally nestled between the ocean and mountains, Biarritz Basque Country, Béarn-Pyrénées, and the Landes attract golfers from around
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    An obligatory stop on any visit to Paris, the magnificent Louvre Museum welcomes almost 9 million visitors a year to its extensive art collections, but the building is a piece of history in itself.   Fortress, Palace, Museum… Originally a medieval fortress on the right bank of the Seine – in...
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    Europe’s highest peak The roof of Western Europe, rising to 4,810m, Mont Blanc is the world’s third most-visited natural sight. The Massif du Mont-Blanc’s unique setting enables it to offer a huge choice of outdoor activities , ranging from mountaineering, off-piste skiing and climbing to...
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    Wedged between mountains and the sea, the resort of Biarritz in New Atalantique on France's south-western Atlantic coast is France's favourite coastal getaway. The town's elegant villas, used by the wealthy as summer retreats are offset by a more relaxed surf culture that has a rich history....

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