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    PARIS - BY Jalil Lespert

    Discover this picture perfect postcard video of Paris #ParisJeTaime

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    If some travel to the French Riviera to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the giltz and glamour of the nightlife; others want to discover the authentic hinterland and its lavender fields. Whoever you are, share your experiences with#CoteDAzurNow 

    © CRT Cote d Azur - Camille MOIRENC

  • Experience the Paris of the Parisians... discover the absolute essentials that form a part of the Parisian art de vivre bringing to life a city much loved and cherished by its locals.

    Go on... Be There and Do That! Your best experiences are about to begin!


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    © Dominique-VIET_CRTMP

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    Bordeaux,Bourgogne, Loire Valley…

    French vineyards reveal all on www.visitfrenchwine.com

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    © Fotowahn,Rico Buttner et Andrea S

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    Family Holidays in France...by Train

    Rail Europe and Atout France invite you for a Rail Holiday
    in Paris, Champagne, Provence, Aquitaine, Burgundy, Alpes…

    © Rail Europe

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    Be There! Do That! in Champagne

    Home to the most iconic beverage in the world -
    Champagne, the bubbly in its manifold forms awaits you in vineyards, underground
    champagne cellars, on your discovery of the famed Champagne Route, and at
    unique wine bars and tasting rooms.

    © Boschmann

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  • Take a unique journey through time and across cultures, by strolling down its narrow streets, crossing its “traboules“, walking along its bustling docks...
  • The most visited monument in Paris was designed by engineering genius Gustave Eiffel, together with architect Stephen Sauvestre. It was completed in 1889 in...
  • Up close and personal discoveries of verdant vineyards, delectable reds and whites waiting to be paired with local gastronomy, amusing encounters with an Owl in Dijon, a leisurely discovery of
  • BE THERE! IN ALPES MONT BLANC The picturesque Alpes Mont Blanc region provides you many inspirations to plan a delightful sojourn. While Lyon tempts with its gastronomy, Annecy lures you with picture
  • Sitting on the Mediterranean Sea, with a backdrop of the French Alpes and just a few miles from Italy, Nice has a fabulous setting. Capital of the French...
  • Promising unlimited entertainment for adults and children alike,Disneyland® Paris is a perfect destination for a fun-filled family outing. Prepare for a sojourn full of non-
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    Once upon a time there was a heaven between Provence and Côte d’Azur. Nestled in the heart of an amphitheatre of wooded hills, it sloped gently down through a mosaic of farmland to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Over the years, this multi-faceted destination has become a leading light...
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    Toulouse heritage Toulouse is a city of contrasts with an exceptional heritage that offers the visitor plenty of pleasant surprises such as mansions from the Renaissance period which was the golden age of the town.  The city also hosts an amazing blend of brick and stone buildings and a rich...
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    In the South of France, between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, sits a region of light and vibrant color. Just three hours by TGV from Paris, the sky here is azure and the sun shines. In Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, the sea is at your feet and the Alpine peaks are just a few hours...

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